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About the Southern Cross Brigade work/study tours

How has Cuba, a small Caribbean island suffering under 50 years of US economic and political sanctions, transformed itself from poverty and underdevelopment into an example for the rest of the world in so many areas of social responsibility and performance:

  • World’s highest rate of literacy
  • Lower infant mortality rates than most parts of the United States
  • More teachers and doctors per capita than any other country
  • A successful multiracial society
  • A model of participatory democracy
  • World’s only sustainable economy as recognised by WWF
  • Leader in organic food production

Join the Southern Cross Work/Study Tour and support Cuba in the most direct manner by working alongside Cubans for a few days picking fruit or pruning fruit trees and then visiting schools, hospitals, urban agriculture projects, mills, etc. You will experience at first hand the cultural, political and social conditions in socialist Cuba.

This year’s program will give participants an insight into the way the Cuban people have triumphed over the past 50 years and how they are using that experience to adapt to an ever-changing world. Children are most welcome on this tour as are older participants. Our Cuban hosts take great care of visitors of all ages.

For details and application information on the coming Brigade see this Brochure





A tractor for the international camp julio antonio mella - keith-headland