More Cruise Ships Arrive in Havana

Havana, Feb 9 (Prensa Latina)

Cuban authorities highlighted today the growth in the arrival of cruises to Havana, a tourist modality that opens new opportunities for Cuba.

The arrival of cruise ships had a significant increase in 2018, disclosed through social networks officials of the Ministry of Tourism who participate this Saturday in the balance of this sector during the past year.

In spite of the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States government against Cuba, the institutions of tourism in Havana have the purpose of contributing to the increase in the arrival of foreign visitors to the island, speakers expressed at the meeting that is being developed by Cuban Tourism Minister Manuel Marrero.

In the opinion of specialists, the trend of international tourism is very influenced by cruise travel.

During the year 2018, four million 732 thousand 280 international visitors arrived in Cuba; of which 18.5 percent traveled by sea, recently expressed José Luis Perelló, university professor and advisor on tourism industry said during a workshop on economic journalism.

The shipping companies, at each moment, incorporate new itineraries, with more attractive ships, with greater entertainment, with greater facilities, said in an aside with Prensa Latina.

Perelló explained these companies are choosing for their itineraries, in first place, safe destinations and, second, countries that have new resources and attractions, regardless of sun and beach.

'It includes history, heritage, culture in all its manifestations, not only music. We have here fine arts, museums, and there are stories to tell. Therefore, we can not turn our back on the development of cruising.' he said finally.



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