Russia Denounces Western Hypocrisy in Venezuela's Case Fotos PL/ Antonio Rondón

Russia Denounces Western Hypocrisy in Venezuela's Case

Moscow, Mar 3 (Prensa Latina)

The speaker of the Council of the Federation (Russian Senate), Valentina Matvienko, on Sunday denounced the hypocrisy by western countries, which appear as champions of democracy while they try to overthrow the legitimate government of Venezuela.

During a meeting with Venezuelan Executive Vice President Delcy Rodriguez, Matvienko noted that it is a flagrant violation of international law against a sovereign State and to the detriment of the United Nations Charter.

Russia will do everything possible to prevent that clear denigration of the abovementioned rules, said the leader of the Russian Senate, whom Rodriguez lauded in her condition of a female leader.

Matvienko referred to the conversation between Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo, to whom he expressed Moscow's willingness to dialogue.

The Russian leader explained that during the telephone call, Lavrov referred to the possibility to talk about a diplomatic solution in the case of Venezuela on the basis of the principle of non-interference in the internal affairs and the respect for the UN Charter.

She added that it is known what happened in Iraq and Syria, as the United States makes a test of strength in Venezuela, while it threatens Nicaragua and Cuba. Therefore, we have to stop it, she pointed out.

Rodriguez, in turn, noted that there are two big groups of countries in the world at present: those subordinated to the mandates of others and those who fight for their sovereignty and decide by themselves and are the majority, she stressed.

The Venezuelan vice president highlighted Russia's role in the world's geo-strategy, and acknowledged its efforts to defend peace and world stability, submitted to threats by the US empire.

Rodriguez commented that she will hand over personally to President Nicolas Maduro a copy in Spanish of the declaration adopted by the Russian Senate that demands respect for Venezuela's sovereignty and against the US efforts to attack her country.

The declaration summarizes the stance by a part of the world seeking stability and peace worldwide, so we are promoting a UN group in defense of the UN Charter, she pointed out.

The US threat makes us more independent, so we reinforce our ties with the free world, she added.

Rodriguez reaffirmed the objectives of expanding relations with Russia, including in the fields of energy, industry and finance, with cooperation of complementary countries.

She also met with Duma (lower house) Speaker Viacheslav Volodin and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.