Ex-President Criticizes Brazilian Government's Subordination to US

 Brasilia, Mar 3 (Prensa Latina)

Former President Fernando Henrique Cardoso criticized the subordination of Brazil''s foreign policy to an ideology, especially that of the United States.

'Making the wheel of history rotate backwards is not an easy exercise, but that is the movement tried here and elsewhere,' Henrique Cardoso wrote in an article published on Sunday in Estado de Sao Paulo newspaper.

He mentioned the Brexit (withdrawal) from the United Kingdom, in Europe; the so-called Trumpism in the United States, and Brazil in Our Americas, which renounces its sovereignty to lean 'on the policy and objectives of the powerful country, in the north region of our continent, as well as civilizational conquests on the behavioral agenda.'

The Brexit labyrinth without escape shows the difficulty this retro route has found, as well as the difficulties that Donald Trump himself finds in his country for the construction of the wall with which he intends to stop the migration flow of Latinos into his territory, the former president said.

The United Nations, 'an institution that warns about the seriousness of these risks and acts to contain the dangers to which we are all exposed', has not coincidentally become one of the main objectives of Trumpism, he added.

Henrique Cardoso recalled the mixture in the government formation of Jair Bolsonaro, who 'does not create good chemistry', between Foreign Minister Ernesto Araujo, who 'openly challenges the traditions of Brazilian foreign policy in his conceptions of sovereignty,' and 'the characters of the market and the military corporation.'

According to Henrique Cardoso, these people will be severely tested on issues such as the situation in Venezuela and Brazil's relations with the Middle East, 'privileged clients of agribusiness, when the gross world of interests will face those of pure ideology.'

The impasse that will arise from there 'will confront us at a crossroads: one path will lead us to a radical break with our history and traditions of a sovereign nation, the other, to take up its ground, in new circumstances, certainly more complex', warned the former head of State, who bets on the second option.


Source: teleSUR TV