Cuban Dancers Gain Panamian Admiration

By Nubia Piqueras Grosso Panama, Jul 8 (Prensa Latina)

Twists, jumps, balance and a high level of interpretation resulted in the triumphs of Cubans Viengsay Valdes and Osiel Gouneo, who put the Panamanians on their feet in a gala in which other stars shone.

The pas de deux Don Quixote, one of the emblematic pieces of classical dance, was the perfect one for the first ballerina of the National Ballet of Cuba (BNC) to show her virtuosity and refined art, virtues that the public was able to reward with ovations.

However, the artistic and technical preciosity of Kitry and Basilio, main characters of Don Quixote was not the only thing that impacted those present in the capital Anayansi theater, but also the drama of Spartacus, whose Russian version, the best known worldwide, was interpreted here for the first time by Valdes.

The others who asserted the technical and artistic quality of the Cuban ballet school were the young representatives of the BNC Katherine Ochoa and Narciso Medina, who with their exquisite performance and synchronization of movements in the pas de deux Emerald and Zero achieved sympathy and applause from the public.

And if we talk about stars, it is worth highlighting the impeccable presentation of Misa Kuranaga and Patrick Palkens, main figures of the Boston Ballet who put many standing up after the performance of the pas de deux Black Swan, a work full of love.

The representatives of the National Ballet of Portugal Filipa de Castro and Carlos Pinillos deserved to be mention as well in this international gala, for they showed the passion that unites them in real life in Cantata, a beautiful interpretation in the midst of a tragic environment.

Other representative pieces of classical ballet were present in this function through the young Panamanians Eileen Frazer, Illya Kun, Ana Carolina Olarte and Andrea Diaz, who did not let themselves be overshadowed by the stars and demonstrated an interpretative and technical level that their audience rewarded with applause.

Meanwhile, Dusty Button, choreographer and main dancer of the Boston Ballet, showed enough talent to unfold and move from contemporary dance with Audible, her first solo performance, and Gamzatti Variation from La Bayadere, a classic piece.

Concluding a night full of luminaries, 'The Dance of the Hours' was performed to merge the efforts of all in one demonstrating the beauty of the dance as an expression of fantastic art, going beyond borders.