The ex-Brazilian president spoke about the “semi open regime” proposal he is refusing. The ex-Brazilian president spoke about the “semi open regime” proposal he is refusing. Photo: Reuters

Lula: “I Want To Leave This Place With My Innocence Proved”

Published 4 October 2019

In the new edition of "Interview," former Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, who has been in prison since April 2018 for his alleged link to the corruption case "Lava Jato," received RT in the Curitiba city jail.

On the role of world powers, Lula said he is proud of the work carried out by Russian president, Vladimir Putin, while he criticized "the madness” of U.S. President Donald Trump, “who thinks he can invade any country and kill any president".

About Venezuela’s landscape, Lula showed his support to the legitimate President Nicolas Maduro, and said to be against “the U.S. interfering policies, trying to govern a sovereign country and inventing a candidate, inventing a lie like Guaidó”.

The former-Brazilian president also spoke about the better inmate treatment proposal he is currently refusing.

"Free our Lula. The situation is already shameful. Lula's arrest represents a true class struggle. Lula's freedom is not a man's freedom but people's freedom!!! Free Lula."

“If there is one thing I want in life, is to go home to my family. I don't like it here. But I want to leave this place with my innocence proved, and I want those who lied to the Brazilian people to be brought to justice" Lula said.

The leader of the Workers Party (PT), who was disqualified from participating in last year's elections, when he was the most popular candidate, is convinced that former prosecutor, Sergio Moro, is responsible for this alleged connection with the Lava Jato case, "I want to defend myself, because the real criminal in this country is the one who condemned me, and I want to prove it” he added.

Lula also denounced Jair Bolsonaro’s administration: "This government so far in Brazil has not said the word 'produce', the word 'growth', the word 'income distribution', the word 'salary increase', none of that exists".