Artwork from mural by Maisel López. Photo: Ismael Batista Artwork from mural by Maisel López. Photo: Ismael Batista

Given the urgent need to create and produce anti-COVID-19 vaccines and medications, the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (CIGB) has devoted significant effort to developing pediatric versions of its immunogens, and is also working on other drugs for children, including HeberonAlfaR, Heberferon, Nasalferon and, for those in more delicate condition, Jusvinza.

The CIGB posted a tweet recently reporting on this work, stating that more than four million doses of its vaccine Abdala - a relatively simple, safe composition on a well-established technological platform – have been administered to Cuban and Nicaraguan children, of the more than 32 million doses administered in the pediatric and adult populations of Cuba, Nicaragua and Vietnam.

The Center additionally noted that the vaccination of pregnant women and nursing mothers in Cuba with this drug has also had an impact on the pediatric population.
The posted report explained that Abdala shares the same technological platform used to produce the CIGB’s vaccine against hepatitis B, included in the National Immunization Program for children more than 30 years ago, the first biotechnological product received by newborns in Cuba and effective in other age groups.

The CIGB also noted that Mambisa, the first protein anti-COVID candidate vaccine administered nasally, is among the first of its kind being evaluated in clinical studies with human subjects, and has demonstrated its safety and immunogenicity, while studies continue of its effectiveness in convalescents and as a booster.


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