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Graph entitled, “Ill patients hospitalized per day.” Vertical axis: Active cases of infection.

Horizontal axis: Days since March 11 (when first infection in Cuba was confirmed). Photo: Minsap


The Cuban Ministry of Public Health confirmed that the island remains in the favorable range on the COVID-19 epidemic’s evolutionary curve, despite May 2 seeing the highest number of confirmed infections since the first case was detected here March 11.

Dr. Francisco Durán, head of Epidemiology at the ministry, reported during his daily press conference, May 5, that the number of patients recovered, over the last few days, is greater than that of new cases, producing this positive trend.

Studying propagation of the SARS-CoV2 t virus to produce mathematical forecasts is a team of mathematicians, epidemiologists, physicists, geographers, biostatisticians, computer scientists, demographers and other specialists, who directly advise the Ministry of Health and the Cuban government.

Dr. Durán, however, insisted on national television, “If social indiscipline continues and transmission events begin to occur, the positive trend could change.”

In many places around the world, what has been called a "second wave" of COVID-19 has appeared, when preventative measures are relaxed and a small group of infected persons remain on the streets, passing the virus on. This is something we must avoid, he emphasized.

He reiterated the importance of protective measures, maintaining social distancing, the use of facemasks, frequent hand-washing, and staying at home, as much as possible.


Source:  Granma


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